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Anti-Flood Barriers for the high water

The history of P.M. it began in the first nineties, when Mastella Roberto founded a laboratory for the manufacture of iron and stainless steel, for public and private clients; he acquires immediately, thanks to its design creativity and flexibility in the production, a good fastness market.

Over the years the P.M. , Born as light carpentry work to various iron and steel, specializing in the production of stairs and railings for interior and exterior (, however to satisfy all customer requirements.

Particularly in recent years, as a result of the disastrous floods in the surrounding area, and given the numerous requests, the P.M. It has specialized in the production of anti-flood barriers for the high water. This new production division summarizes once again the experience accumulated over time, further expanding the services and products offered to customers so far.

Every single order is followed by highly specialized personnel and advanced production equipment, so P.M. can treat as much as possible the needs of each customer.

  • After our home in Umbria was flooded by the River Tiber with resultant damages to the property including furnishings, fittings, and electrics, we spent time researching what possible solutions to prevent any possible future damages were available to us from companies in both Italy and the U.K. After much consideration, we opted for the system offered by PM Scale who had considerable experience in successfully providing tailor-made anti-flood barriers in the Venice areas. The installation of removable barriers was carried out efficiently. We have since had another flood from the Tiber, and our home was not affected and not damaged in any way. We have no hesitation in recommending the products of P M Scale to anyone whose home or business has suffered from flood water.
    LB, Umbria

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